Friday, March 1, 2013

Alrighty so heres some updated photos of the chapel. started work on the plot of land for it. once placed  i can finish it up =) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

alright trying to get caught up about to leave on date night with wifey.


Grrrr back off

so thats where i am at now. guess I'm making a little chapel. might start drawing out a layout for a town.
ok so heres another little house i did the day after me and my daughter finished hers. did this one by myself on my day off.

House is all Styrofoam.

the finished project

little close up of the front
So this is the one i did with my daughter. that was the seed planted to get me back into it all. thankfully i still have a lot of my craft supplies stored.

Now i am starting a couple other small projects. not sure which way i want to go with it all yet. may do a few small huts and houses or i might start a large layout and go for a whole town.

going to be adding a few more posts now since i am already started on other things. just to get caught up to where i am.

special thanks to for the great youtube videos that were a lot of help i refreshing my memory about a bunch of tricks and techniques

Starting a little Blog on my adventure back into the modeling miniatures phase. I recently had to do a 6th grade project with my daughter. we had to make a medieval home. Once started and finishing this project i got the bug to start making mini's again. so with todays tech i figured i'd share. hope its enjoyed by all who visit.